Teamwork and a Dream

Reaching a goal is tough for anyone. Especially when you have to juggle life’s everyday stressors while living with intellectual differences.

Nyrka, a client of our Individualized Services Program (ISP), had a dream to work in human services, helping as many people as possible. However, school was difficult.

Nyrka’s learning disability makes it hard for her brain to process a lot at once, so she forgets information and needs concepts to be repeated. Her situation was further complicated by her recent pregnancy, and departure from a bad relationship that weakened her confidence.

In about a month of working with Nyrka, Continuum’s ISP staff eased the difficulty of school by spending additional time going over concepts and materials with her. Sometimes they were in the classroom with her. The extra attention and her accommodating teachers helped Nyrka to receive her certificate in human services.

Then, she got an interview with the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services (DDS) with ISP Director Lisa McNeill’s help. ISP staff helped her write her resume and interview prepped with her. As nervous as she was, she got the call a couple days later to start her full-time job as a Self Advocate Coordinator!

Nyrka is thrilled to have the opportunity to interact with lots of people and hear their stories as she helps them advocate for their rights and runs group meetings. Support staff work with her on the job to ensure she remains on top of her tasks and provide her with transportation to various meetings. She loves how flexible and kind her staff is, as they do all they can to work around her busy schedule. Nyrka’s also immensely grateful for their assistance with other daily living tasks like laundry, grocery shopping, and finances.

Reflecting on this exciting new chapter of her life, Nyrka acknowledges the crucial role that partnering with ISP and others played in her success. “I don’t believe everything should be done just by myself. It should be a team effort.”

Won’t you consider a gift to Continuum so that we can help people like Nyrka achieve their dreams?

How Your Donation Can Help Someone Like Nyrka:

  • $500 Can pay the security deposit for someone transitioning out of homelessness into an apartment
  • $250 Can purchase furniture for a new apartment
  • $200 Purchases a “New Home Basket” with kitchen, bathroom, and cleaning essentials
  • $150 Can buy basic items not covered by medical insurance, like eyeglasses and dentures
  • $100 Helps pay heat, electric, and water bills
  • $50 Can provide necessities like clothes, underwear, socks, and duffle bags
  • $40 Helps pay for a month’s worth of daily bus passes for travel to appointments or a job
  • $25 Can pay for groceries
  • Other All donations directly benefit those who are in our care or are transitioning out to their own apartment

Other Ways You Can Help:

  • $5,000  You can “Adopt a Group Home” operated by Continuum. (Continuum operates 44 group homes in Connecticut, helping individuals to stabilize and live in the community. Just like any home, upkeep and maintenance are ongoing demands.)
  • $2,000  You can help improve the critical health conditions faced by those with serious mental illness by supporting Continuum's Health and Wellness Department.

Continuum of Care, Inc.’s mission is to enable people who are challenged with mental illness, intellectual disability, and/or co-occurring substance use disorder, to rebuild a meaningful life and thrive in the community.