Order Your T-Shirt for Unity

Congratulations to the winners of Continuum's Design a T-Shirt For Unity contest! T-shirts are now available to purchase for $10 for a LIMITED TIME (ends Fri, 10/16).

Please Note:  All designs will be printed on blue t-shirts. 
Click here to order online and pay by cash, check or card. 
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Design 1: Simon Minor (1st Place)

Design 3: Millbrook Program (3rd Place)


Design 2: Jerrel Cummings (2nd Place)

Design 3: Millbrook Program (3rd Place)




Design a T-Shirt for Unity Contest

For Continuum's Design a T-Shirt for Unity Contest, clients and staff took on the challenge of designing a t-shirt with a message that promotes unity, positivity and social change. Check out the other designs below. Thank you to all of the designers and voters who participated! 

1. Emma H. 

4. Gavin R. 

7. Jan M. 

10. Jerrel C. 

13 A. Peter A. (front) 

15. North Colony

18. Hannah B


2. Josh P. 

5. Marcus M. 

8. Millbrook Design 1 

11. Millbrook Design 2 

13 B. Peter A. (back) 

16. Red Fox Run 

19. Ivette A Design 1


3. Simon M. 

6. Suzana B. 

9. Thomas A. 

12. YAS Fountain Street 

14. Gary H. 

17. Nancy B 

20. Ivette A Design 2



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