Hope for Families Struggling with Severe Mental Health Crisis or Co-Occurring Disorders

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

(New Haven, Connecticut).  The pathway to recovery can seem hopeless for adults struggling with a significant mental illness. 

The complex feelings of fear, helplessness, and heartbreak can overwhelm individuals and their families.  Further, most substance use rehabilitation programs are not able to adequately address underlying severe mental health issues.  So, during a mental health crisis situation, the only resort seems to be the emergency room.  Recidivism rates are high and the repeated hospital emergency room visits tend have no long lasting effect.

Each recovery journey is unique, and requires a comprehensive and holistic approach involving care, support for the individual and the family, treatment, and supportive living environments.  Continuum Recovery Services provides immediate and intensive clinical care and short-term and long-term residential living services for adults in need of a structured environment that fosters a foundation for rebuilding a life in recovery.

Kevin was referred to Continuum Recovery Services after participating in various rehabilitation programs.  His mother was out of answers by the time he’d come to Continuum’s Recovery Program in a state of crisis.  Kevin stabilized, learned how to manage his illness and his addictions.  Kevin has returned to working and supporting himself.  He has a new outlook on life. 

Kevin’s mother says, “No other program has gotten Kevin as far as he has come and continues to be.

Continuum Recovery Services saves lives.

On Tuesday, May 7th, Continuum is holding a “Free Open Access” event at 109 Legion Avenue in New Haven for adult individuals or their families who are struggling with mental illness and possibly co-occurring substance use disorders. 

Visitors can come by between noon and 5:30 pm to consult with doctors, clinicians, and nurses about their loved one. 

Then, from 5:30 – 7:30 pm, visitors can attend a panel discussion to listen and interact with experts on topics such as:      

                           - De-escalating techniques,  
                           - Marijuana & Psychosis,
                           - Alternatives to the Emergency Room, 
                           - Medication Management,
                           -  Sharing of Experiences and Q&A

Continuum of Care, Inc. serves more than 2,000 individuals per year and has been providing best practices in mental health and/or co-occurring substance disorder, crisis stabilization, and residential and community-based services for more than 50 years. Its residential services range from 24-hour staff support to in-home case management and life coaching.  All fees for this program are paid through private commercial insurance and private payments.  For more information about the event, visit www.continuumct.org/access  or call 475.224.1864.



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