About Continuum


Continuum of Care, Inc. is a not for profit organization serving adults diagnosed with mental illness, (such as major depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder [OCD], post-traumatic stress disorder [PTSD], borderline personality disorder, etc.) or severe developmental and intellectual disabilities, (such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, traumatic brain injury, or seizure disorders).

Continuum established its roots in the Greater New Haven area in 1966 with the creation of The New Haven Halfway House, its first residential program for persons with mental illness.

From its founding, Continuum has sought to demonstrate that previously institutionalized adults can live meaningful lives in the community with the right support and services. Today, we are one of the largest community housing providers in Connecticut for persons with mental illnesses and substance abuse. Continuum operates 55 licensed group homes, supported and independent living programs, crisis and respite services, and residential case management programs.  Our grass roots laid the foundation for the development of a comprehensive array of residential service options for persons diagnosed with mental illness as well as individuals with developmental disabilities. 

Our programs are all based in residential settings (homes and apartments) so that people can rebuild their lives in the community rather than in institutions, hospitals, or jail. Continuum serves more than 2,000 individuals annually in various locations throughout Connecticut. Most of the individuals serviced by the agency live below the poverty level and many have experienced chronic homelessness or challenges with addictions. We provide them with the support they need to break the cycle of homelessness and institutionalization so that they can live as fully and independently in the community as possible.


Continuum of Care, Inc. is dedicated to providing comprehensive residential case management, crisis services, and housing support services to adults challenged by psychiatric disabilities, developmental disabilities, homelessness, and substance abuse treatment needs while maintaining their rights and dignities as productive members of society.

Through consultation with family members, home healthcare providers, clinical and community providers, roommates and friends, the Continuum of Care staff develops an Individualized Service Plan that identifies specific personal goals and objectives for the individual's recovery.

It is devastating for a young adult and his or her family when the first signs of mental illness appear. Mental illness can present at any age but most often hits at the critical juncture between the ages of 18 and 24. There are few places to turn for the support that is needed. Numerous visits to hospitals, doctor’s offices and various social service agencies often do not provide the cohesive services and case coordination needed to sort through all that occurs during this time.

Continuum is here to provide what is needed: experienced and skilled staff that know how to unlock the door to a better quality of life for persons with mental illness and their families.

Likewise, it can be challenging to adjust to the needs of a young adult who may be autistic or have other types of developmental disabilities. There are challenges associated with becoming an adult and yet still being in need of significant support. This support is usually provided by family members. At this point those families often need to seek help to care for their loved ones.

Continuum is here to develop individualized options that enable people to live happily and as independently in their communities as possible.

Individuals with behavioral health needs most often have compromising medical conditions that make it impossible for them to live independently. Some of these conditions are related to chronic homelessness and years of inconsistent medical care. Additionally,  medical case management is sporadic at best for the people we serve.


Continuum of Care, Inc.’s mission is to enable people who are challenged with mental illness, intellectual disabilities, addiction, or homelessness to rebuild a meaningful life and thrive in the community.