Help Veterans Rebuild Their Lives


  • 54% of post-9/11 veterans who incurred an injury or illness suffer from PTSD
  • 1 in 10 Veterans are diagnosed with substance use disorder
  • Veterans that abuse drugs or alcohol are twice as likely to die by suicide than other Veterans 
  • 20 Veterans die by suicide every day
  • They sacrificed for our freedom


We Need Your Financial Support To Help Them Recover & Rebuild Their Lives 

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Continuum has helped Veterans and other adults in mental health crisis go from rock bottom to recovering and living a healthier, promising, and sustainable future for more than 50 years.

Continuum provides them with the supportive home environment they need to heal the whole person while undergoing treatment for PTSD, Substance Use Disorder, or Mental Health challenges.  

Our case management helps each Veteran create and execute a plan and obtain the critical resources (such as housing, ongoing treatment, training, etc.) they will need to build a sustainable healthy future.  

Our peers have lived experience in recovery, and offer insight and guidance that Veterans can relate to and respect. They also help Veterans get to therapy and healthcare appointments, and help them make connections in the community.

Veterans attend evening group sessions with fellow Veterans to reinforce daytime treatment. They also attend activities in the community where they can practice coping skills and new behaviors while they are still undergoing treatment.  Veterans living together in our homes provide support and comfort for each other. Continuum provides the basic needs, community-based environment and a comprehensive set of supportive services that hospitals and treatment centers just cannot offer.


95% of the Veterans complete the program successfully
100% of those who complete the program have learned new skills and behaviors to start rebuilding their lives
65% of the Veterans who come to us were homeless, but  
100% of those who complete the program find an appropriate living arrangement upon discharge from our program




The Veterans Affairs Hospital and Continuum have partnered closely for nearly 10 years helping some very challenged veterans rebuild their lives. Continuum provides residential services, case management, peer support, and treatment for Veterans experiencing a mental health crisis while the VA provides psychiatric treatment.

The VA is closing the residential component of their program designed for Veterans challenged with significant PTSD and/or substance use challenges. They have contracted with Continuum to once again be their residential and case management partner, while the VA provides psychiatric treatment to Veterans in PTSD or substance use crisis. This expansion means that Continuum’s Veterans Recovery Services Program will be able to serve more than 300 Veterans broken by their experiences to move forward on a sound and lifelong journey in recovery.

We are delighted to serve this mission to help more Veterans to stand tall on the road of lifelong recovery.

After individuals stabilize after a mental health or substance use crisis, they often revert back to old feelings, behaviors and habits that got them to crisis in the first place.

To break that cycle, they need something in addition to therapy.  An expertly supported living environment while going through therapy can bridge them firmly to the next step of truly rebuilding their lives.

Because of our experience, expertise, and success, Veterans Affairs selected Continuum to partner with them. We will be opening two new Veterans programs: one for Veterans struggling with PTSD, and the other for Veterans struggling with substance use. Our Veterans programs will be triping our annual capacity so that we can help more than 400 Veterans to recover from mental illness, PTSD or substance use crisis and move on to a more sustainable lifelong recovery. It works.

Your help is needed to make this happen. We must purchase, renovate, and furnish two large, beautiful houses to help Veterans achieve long-term sustainable recovery from chronic PTSD and/or substance use disorder.

Won’t you give today?

OUR GOAL: $1,000,000

Help us raise $1,000,000 in the next 6 months so that 400  Veterans can move forward from crisis to a lifelong sustainable journey of recovery. Here is where the money will go:

Completely renovate a large home for  Veterans diagnosed with PTSD:                                    $700,000
Renovations for new Substance Use Home:  $150,000
Furnishings, IT, Equipment for both Homes:  $150,000


Total Funding Needed: $1,000,000


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Continuum of Care, Inc.’s mission is to enable people who are challenged with mental illness, intellectual disability, and/or co-occurring substance use disorder, to rebuild a meaningful life and thrive in the community.